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Snack Time Bracket Busters With Foster Farms + Giveaway & Two Easy Dipping Sauce Recipes #FFBracketBusters

This is a partnered post with Foster Farms. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

We are now into week two of the March Madness tournament which I have been following! I was rooting for the UC Davis Aggies that won the game in the first four but unfortunately they busted the bracket and didn’t make it out of Round 1. Have your brackets busted yet?

Watching a game requires snacks! I love snacks that you can dip too! When I am looking for something quick to make that goes perfect with a dip,  I always have a bag of the Foster Farms Crispy Strips in my freezer that the whole family LOVES! I usually will make some fries to go along with the chicken.

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French Macaroon Cookies Recipe

I lately have this fascination with french macaroons. They are so pretty, so good and did you know they are so EASY to make! Although mine are not the prettiest, they are definitely really tasty! I made some this green with gold speckled french macaroon cookies recipe in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this month!

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Keto Sugar Cookie Recipe

This year I am trying to eat more healthier. I love to cook but I also love to bake sweets that are filled with sugar and lots of carbs. That sugar that I love is what I am trying to cut back on. This week I tried something new. I have been baking sweets using almond flour and truvia for those following a low carb or keto type diet. Take a peek at this yummy Keto Sugar Cookie Recipe that help take away those sugar cravings without adding a bunch of unwanted carbs.

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Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

One of my favorite things to bake is cookies, especially during the winter months and holidays! I recently tried a Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookie recipe that I found in one of my old Betty Crocker recipe books.

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