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Instant Oatmeal Cookies

My husband had recently been asking me to make him some oatmeal and raisin cookies! I went to the store and bought everything to make the cookies except the oatmeal. Instead of going back to the store for the oatmeal I decided I would use what I had in the pantry and make him some Instant Oatmeal Cookies that where definitely a hit!

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15 Christmas Themed Cookie Recipes Your Guests Will LOVE

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is make cookies! Every year I make a variety of Christmas cookies that I put in cute containers and give to my family and friends.  Below you will find 15 Christmas themed cookies that your guests will just love!

15 Christmas Themed Cookie Recipes Your Guests Will LOVE

These cookies would make great gifts but they would also be perfect for those participating in cookie exchanges this year! [Read more…]

French Macaroon Cookies Recipe

I lately have this fascination with french macaroons. They are so pretty, so good and did you know they are so EASY to make! Although mine are not the prettiest, they are definitely really tasty! I made some this green with gold speckled french macaroon cookies recipe in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this month!

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