How To Brine A Turkey Video

This year I want to try something different. I normally stuff butter under the skin to give my bird extra flavor. I have heard that when you brine a turkey, this method gives it some delicious flavor too! For those that are unfamiliar with a brine, it is a solution of salt, sugar or honey along with seasonings and spice that you will immerse your turkey in overnight before roasting it.

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How To Blanch Vegetables Video- Sponsored

Like to cook with vegetables? Below is a guide for blanching vegetables brought to you by Campbell’s Kitchen.

How To Carve A Turkey Video – Sponsored

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. While I am usually the one that makes all the food, my husband is usually the one that carves it. For those of you that are cooking a turkey for the first time tomorrow, below is a great video from Campbell’s Kitchen that will show you how to carve your turkey tomorrow!

It is a neat video to watch even if you think you know how to carve one. I definitely wish I was as good as this lady in the video, I love how her turkey platter came out at the end.

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If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will want to take a peek at this UNREAL video…

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