Instant Pot Applesauce

If you love applesauce and have an Instant Pot you are in for a treat! I have had mine for almost a year now and have found so many different snacks and meals that I can make in just minutes! I can’t believe I didn’t buy one of these when they first came out! This week I decided to make some Instant Pot Applesauce with some green apples that I needed to put to use.

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Cranberry Turkey Meatballs

One of my favorite finger foods to make would have to be meatballs that are covered in a spicy but sweet cranberry sauce! I normally use ground beef but recently made them using ground turkey and they were just as delicious if not better! Making Cranberry Turkey Meatballs is EASY and will have your guests wanting to know your recipe!

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Biscuits And Gravy Casserole For A Bunch

One of my favorite things to make for breakfast is biscuits and gravy! Biscuits are always good in the morning and homemade gravy on top makes them even better. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered an easy way to make biscuits and gravy for a bunch!

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Instant Oatmeal Cookies

My husband had recently been asking me to make him some oatmeal and raisin cookies! I went to the store and bought everything to make the cookies except the oatmeal. Instead of going back to the store for the oatmeal I decided I would use what I had in the pantry and make him some Instant Oatmeal Cookies that where definitely a hit!

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