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Mamalicious – A Must Have For Moms To Be

If you are pregnant, nursing or looking to become pregnant you will want to get yourself some Mamalicious. This is an all-in-one prenatal protein power supplement that contains 12 grams of WHEY protein + vitamins + superfoods. This is a must-have for those that are pregnant that is available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors.

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How To Make Gooey Cinnamon Buns

Gooey cinnamon rolls

For those of you that like cinnamon rolls but have never made them yourself, here is a great video with one of my cooking favorites, Fabio Viviani that shows you how to make some delicious but gooey cinnamon buns.

Have you ever made homemade cinnamon buns?

Cooking 1:01 – How To Scramble Eggs

One of my favorite breakfast foods would have to be scrambled eggs. Here is a video that shows the proper way to scramble eggs.

I never knew to drag the eggs to the middle, did you?

How To Brine A Turkey Video

This year I want to try something different. I normally stuff butter under the skin to give my bird extra flavor. I have heard that when you brine a turkey, this method gives it some delicious flavor too! For those that are unfamiliar with a brine, it is a solution of salt, sugar or honey along with seasonings and spice that you will immerse your turkey in overnight before roasting it.


Brine a turkey

Watch this video below that explains how to brine a turkey into more detail.

What tips do you have for making a flavorful Thanksgiving dinner?